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Made-to-Order Options

I've been getting so many requests for dinosaurs that I decided to take a few made-to-order requests on my Etsy Shop . However, there is a limited number of these requests so don't hesitate! Also, I am working hard on refilling my inventory so please be patient with me. Thank you very much!



2013 The Year That Was...

2013 was an exciting year for my career and my life. There were ups and downs. Thankfully , there were mostly ups this time but I'll be hard at work in 2014 trying to maintain and expand the success of the past year. Here, I gathered some of my favorite photos and some of the most important photos from 2013 as an end-of-2013 tribute. Enjoy the stroll down memory lane and thank you to everyone who supported me in 2013. I LITERALLY could not have done it without your support. 


Michael Doig Art

My friend and colleague Michael Doig is having a sale on his Etsy page. Enter the coupon code ENDOFTHEYEAR to receive 20% off your order

Michael Doig 2013 Marty McFly

Michael Doig 2013 Marty McFly

Dinosaur Drawing Contest!

Dinosaur Contest.jpg

Submit a dinosaur drawing for a chances to win one of many prizes!

Prizes include: 

1. Justin Rothshank's favorite dinosaur drawing will win the Red Brontosaurus pictured above.  He will also turn your drawing into a decal to be used in a series of unique pottery.

2. Brian Switek, author of   My Beloved Brontosauruswill pick several of his favorite dinosaur drawings to win an autographed copy of his book.

3. Brett Kern will pick three drawings by artists Age 10 and below to win actual inflatable dinosaurs (not ceramic ones.)


Contest ENDS September 10th 2013


* Send high-res digital copies of your drawings along with your name, age, and city of residence, to

* Drawings of  any medium (Pencil, Crayon, Pen, Computer Drawings...whatever else you can think of) are all ok! 

* Contest is ALL AGES. In fact, some prizes are only for younger artists. Judges are picking their FAVORITE drawings, not necessarily the BEST drawings.

*Drawings will be posted on my Facebook page, and my webpage for everyone to enjoy. 

*Have Fun and e-mail me or private message me on my Facebook page if you have ANY questions.  

* Drawings must have been drawn after August 1st 2013


Enjoy the other pieces of the collaboration. The rest go on sale Friday (August 9th) at  


Davis & Elkins College

This summer, I was promoted to full-time as an Assistant Professor of Art at Davis & Elkins College. In addition to this, the Ceramics Studio is being remodeled and will be filled with new equipment. Certainly, exciting things await.   

"Jurassic Park being released in 3D" sale!

JP sale.jpg

It's the sale 65 million years in the making! If you like my work, there's a good chance you also enjoyed watching Jurassic Park. Well, incase you were unaware, the movie is being re-released in 3-D and it opens April 5th 2013. In honor of this release, I am having a sale in my etsy shop. The sale will extend until April 30th 2013. On that day, the drawing will be held for the red T-Rex. The shipping expenses for the T-rex will be covered by myself, as long as the winner is in the continental U.S.

New items including whoopee cushions, fingers, buffalo and more and more dinosaurs will be added to the shop in the coming weeks. So, check back often. Feel free to message me on my facebook page or e-mail me at if you have any questions. 

Solo Show at Concord University

This Tuesday, after a month of being on display, my solo show at Concord University is ending. I will be giving a lecture, which starts at 5:30 pm, this Monday night at the college. The lecture will be followed by the closing reception where you will have a chance to meet me, ask me questions and see the work. You will not be required to meet me or ask me questions but, seeing the work is encouraged. I can't imagine any reason why this wouldn't be fun so I hope to see you there. 

On tuesday morning from 9am - noon, I will be giving a workshop at Concord University in the studios.  For anyone curious about the processes involved in making my art, this would be a great opportunity.